Drumstick & Co.

CocoMingo Studios worked on the interior design, project management and branding of Drumstick & Co, a new shop in Caulfield North that serve fresh salads and chicken. The brief given by the clients was to create a fresh vibrant brand that encompassed what they wanted their customers to perceive about their food.

The existing site was extremely distressed so the refurbishment commenced with addressing any construction and plumbing issues to ensure we had a clean canvas to start with and that it complies with council requirements. The aim of the design was to exude freshness and vibrancy through the interior and graphics while walking past, and making the salads visible from outside to entice customers to enter.

White tiles and crisp white walls adhered to the brand's fresh concept, and timber veneers were used throughout the custom made joinery pieces to include the wall and table features, as well as the preparation, display and counter areas.

Sonley Stonegrill & Bar

CocoMingo Studios worked on the interior design, project management, branding and PR of an existing shop in Blackburn. The then called Sonley café, wanted to refurbish and re-brand their space and focus on transforming the café into a stonegrill restaurant.

The existing site lacked spatial planning and had tables and chairs spread across its 100sqm front of house with a curved counter area overlooking the kitchen. The aim of the design was to divide the space into smaller, more well-defined and intimate spaces.

Firstly, a wall was constructed in front of the kitchen to divide front of house and back of house and hide the existing curved wall in order to achieve a more intimate and comfortable seating area. The seating area in front of the back window was raised and partitioned with timber a cladded partition and plants. And a more intimate dining area was created for groups or communal seating. The bathroom was also completely renovated, as was the outdoors with the addition of new signage and timber cladding to match the new interiors.

Custom fixtures, furniture and lights were designed for the space including the metal partitions, timber strip lighting in the main dining area and the ceiling timber feature in the more intimate communal dining area.

The concept of Stonegrill cooking stresses on the fact that no additives, such as oils and fats, are necessary because the volcanic stone used locks in the natural flavours and nutrients; this concept was used as the basis when it came to material selections for the interiors. The materials used throughout the restaurant were predominantly raw timber, which gave it that wholesome and natural look that goes with the theme of Stonegrill.